Without some form of active care or rehab, recovery from any type of sports injury can be challenging. Many athletes have felt the frustration of not feeling at 100% after a sports injury, and at Carolina Beach Chiropractic and Lundy Healthcare at the Beach, we're here to help you avoid that frustration!

Injuries can and will return when athletes overlook the importance of proper spinal function, improved range of motion and muscle strength training and conditioning. Our programs for your sports injuries usually involve specific spinal adjustments, combined with "custom-tailored" resistance training and rehab to restore proper supportive muscle tone. 

Chiropractors are experts in the care of the bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissues that make up about 60% of your body. A recent study published revealed some amazing facts about the benefits of chiropractic care with athletes. This study revealed that athetes that were treated over a 12 week couse of chiropractic care noted an overall improvement in athletic performance by 16.7% versus the control group that just receive no care. 

​Whether you're just starting to exercise, a weekend warrior, a daily exerciser or a competitive athlete, Chiropractic can increase your flexbility and coordination as well as decrease your recovery time.

Sports and Chiropractic 
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